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Lean Six Sigma, Process Optimization, Operational Excellence, Digital Transformations, Continuous Improvements, Business Process Management …

Are those words sounds familiar to you? Or, maybe not? However, you want to have these applied in your organization to start, to re-start, to continue. It would be my privilege, if I would be able to help you in this challenging journey.

A little bit about myself. I am an Independent Consultant. I live in the northern part of Germany. I offer Business Consulting in Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Process Optimization, Business Process Management & Digital Transformation with all challenges along these areas. I will be using Business Process Management as digital tool to assist all these challenges and all kind of digital technology for collaborations. I learned through the years that learning by doing is the best way to get the best experience in Technology. To my experience, one sitting in a class room & having Lean Six Sigma training and all its tools, without knowing how to use the methodology and tools in workplace, in addition of no guidance, would be just like jumping in a deep water of not knowing how to swim.

I have to admit that Digital Technology contributes massively in the installment of Lean Six Sigma methodology in organizations. In addition, having information connected and centralized as source of truth leading to Business Process Management, would result in a World Class Excellence achievement, as an ultimate goal of every organization. To this purpose, I am eager to introduce Digital Technology in every journey of Process Optimization in organization.

It is however, very interesting to realize that there are very broad span of digital maturity in different organizations. One has to aware of that the installment of Lean Six Sigma methodology is no longer about having a management conception introduced in an organization, only. It is about CHANGE, meaning of CHANGE in EVERYTHING! It is about CHANGE in ORGANIZATION. It is about CHANGE in HOW WE THINK. It is about CHANGE in HOW WE WORK. It is about CHANGE in TECHNOLOGY itself, … and so on.

Indeed, my consulting approach would be COACHING. However, as my core expertise is engineer, I would be using systematic approach analysis with practical collaborations with Digital Tools. I realized that Learning & Exploring with new things is the key to be open for new things. It is a key of Guiding to Solutions! We learn as well from mistakes, since we then learn how to do better, right the next time.

I believe that no one is perfect. Every individual is part of a Team. A Team is part of an Organization. An Organization is part of a Community. A Community is part of an Environment, which is part of the World! Our awesome World would need help from the Environment and Experts. As well to my Consultancy Service, I work together with Partners. The Partners will be Providers of the Digital Technology and the System in Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma or Business Process Management. I would deliver the Consultancy part, whereas the Tools will come from my Business Partners. I am open for Business Partnership in delivering solutions to Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma from Technology Providers. Let’s build the Community of World Class Manufacturing and collaborate TOGETHER I would be happy for any kind of Collaborations in delivering Operational Excellence for Organizations.


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