Communicator, a connector

Sometimes we need help or support to be able to get in contact or communicate with others, either as individuals or organizations. There are different reasons we need a help or support. These could be due to differences in languages, cultures, regulations, systems, etc. For these reasons, a support from communicator or connector for individuals or organizations, would ease the processes in our business activities.

It is essentials for business communicator or connector to understand and well informed about the business needs of their clients. Business Communicators may specialized in certain industry branches or themes. Since, these may ease the communications. However, you may become generalist communicator, as long as you have the necessary skills to complete the assignments. It is important for business communicator to know and be aware of rules and regulations or procedures in the fields of your clients. Or, try to get these information and get in contact to institutions where the source of information can be retrieved. This kind of process may be very complex, depends on the case, organizations, global/ countries/ regional regulations, bureaucracy, political conditions, etc..

It is fascinating to realize how circulation of products from different places worldwide could take place these days. Supply chain is very complex. One complex product may consist of different components from different suppliers, that may located in other part of the world. A complex product with a printed label of ‘Made in XXX country’ is then ethically questionable. Not only where the parts come from, even the resources who assembled the products may come from other part of the world. Anyway, despite of all these complexities, there are many points where business communicators or connectors are needed in different business areas and industries.

Have you ever walking through a labyrinth? You want reach the exit in the complex puzzle path. We need direction! The keys as communicator are finding the contact person or institution, knowing the regulations, knowing the culture that may not written anywhere 🙂 You may need to go through informal ways to get certain information. It is challenging. Just enjoy the journey. Along the way, you may get new friends, some of them are may become your real friends globally.

Being flexible is an important thing as communicator. Once this factor if excluded, you will be out of the business. Well, it depends of the scope of your project though. In some cases, you might be able to negotiate the conditions. But, this is not a general case. The most important thing is project done, as what you plan might occurs differently in real life.

Being thirsty of learning new things! What should we learn? There is no limit of areas. Well, it depends on you. However, you should be prepared of anything. Then, learn about anything. Off course, you need to fit it to your projects. My tips would be, read newspaper online/ printed from different sources, it depends wherever you are in all languages you speak, or use translator apps. Other things, official institutions, and most important would be your trusted network news. Not all news are true, so always cross check.

Keep physically and mentally fit is a very important to be in the communicator business. Eat healthy food. Being creative with recipes and try different ingredients internationally. The mixed of flavors are very welcomed in socializing. Physical training is important to keep you working long hours with focus, awareness and concentrations. Walking enjoying the nature and fresh air would do well for our brain and relaxing our mind too for meditation, cheering up, and energizing the brain. I have to admit that music has power. Many times, I work while listening music 🙂 Think positive in all what you do. This makes you a good person. In my case, what keeping me up through all crazy things in this life, is believing in God. I pray everyday, many times. I listen to Christian’s music while working. I pray as well in up and down situations. I believe that all things possible because my God helps me 🙂

Watch your step, think of any impossible things that might happened to you. Have your eyes 360 degrees without being recognized. Stay calm though, and relax. Books and music help you, while you are making strategic business steps. Be aware of what you eat or drink. Don’t take anything that people offer you if you are on travel. Take with you your own drinks and meals. You are a business communicator professional. You need to stay up and being bright. You need to be able to communicate to any kind of individuals, from rough people to CEO multinational companies. Don’t worry, we will grow through working in different projects. Long life learning is the key and enjoy the beauty of this world, despite of its complexity.