Communications, ways to interact with others

I would like to quote the definition of communication from the famous Merriam Webster, as reference. It is defined asa process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior, also exchange of information.

Wow! It is basically everything. We exchange information everyday, every hour, every minute that involve individual(s)! Then I thought, even by being silent, it is as well a way to communicate. Homo homini socius, this term is true though. Yes, we need to interact with other individuals. What a great way of this era that this time allows us to interact with other in instance with others from other part of the world with just in seconds with digital technology. Or, we could interact with others in real life.

As well in our Business life, we need to interact with other colleagues, clients, suppliers, business partners, etc. We live in ecosystem where we need others in many ways, somehow. The information we exchange might be as digital data, verbal, files, text, numbers, pictures, in many different formats. The idea is to exchange information that understandable, as fast instance possible way.

I was in Hannover Messer this week. I can recommend you to visit international industrial fair trade wherever in any part of the world. As you would interact with others. From just to find the parking place, you might need to communicate in the language you don’t speak 🙂 to get the direction. In business life, you might receive information from other department in the format that not really practical for your tasks or even they send you different information that totally not related directly to you, back forth, etc. This is however real happening in many organizations. The degree of complexity is increased as the size of the organization, as to multinational organizations.

Simplification, standardization, rules and regulations in different part of business unit are generated, organized, updated, to have all interactions between individuals (persons and/ or organizations) flowing, as fast instance possible way.

The world change so fast these days. As well the challenges in the business world. Long time ago, you could put all of information in your spreadsheet. Now, it is no longer possible to do this. We need digital tool to record, store, analyze data and information, as fast instant possible way to make decisions right instance from one place.

Homo homini socius, I write this term again. It is so powerful. Yes, it’s true that we have digital tools nowadays. Still, confirmation of information we receive is absolutely necessary. Keeping up with fast changes of technology is challenging for many individuals, from whatever generations. Being nice is a great characteristics. However, there is limit of patient in different areas 😉 The key is open for changes and keep learning mind set would be appreciated highly in the society. There are a lot of learning resources for free in many different areas. Just being excited and do not afraid to try. Of course there are risks everywhere. The key is read the agreements 😉 and try to understand it fully. If you don’t understand it, ask. You don’t have good feeling (guts) about it. Do not do it! Check it with trustable information sources.

Exchange of information does not have to be in heavy way, right? Life is to enjoy as well, despite of its complexities. Feel free to chat with your colleagues, clients, customers, or business partners in cafes or free actives, going out! There are a lot of things that we can effectively solve even outside of the workplace.

Enjoy to exchange information, be communicative, there are a lot more to explore in this fast changing lovely life 🙂 Happy exchange of information!