About Me

Education The Foundation

Born, grew up, and did my Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology- INDONESIA

Lucky enough, received Scholarship study for Postgraduate Diploma in Geothermal Technology in The University of Auckland – NEW ZEALAND

Fortune continued, received Scholarship study Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering in Clausthal Technology University – GERMANY

Work & Life The Start

Started the greatest adventure in work & life, as an International Mobile Field Service Engineer in a US company in Oil & Gas Service Industry. Founded with a strong Bachelor education & lifestyle in Bandung Institute of Technology, surrounded with wonderful engineers, allowing me to get the privilege serving different organizations in their challenges. In collaborations with great engineers, managers, and strategic players internationally, exploring the challenges of the industrial world.

Work & Life – The Growth

Continued searching the unanswered questions and how all things are connected in different organizations, as an individu, woman, engineer, thinker, part of society, in different organizations, industries, and part of the world.

Work & Life – The Long Life Learning, Opportunities & Challenges to Come

Continuing exploring new things, a long life learning. Opening every chances and embracing the change in every step and facet. Exciting of opportunities to come. Networking, being agile, keep updating the baseline. Reaching excellency. Travelling, resting, nesting wherever needed. Helping others and Guiding to Solutions! 2theclue