Business Consulting

I help individuals or organizations in their business challenges from ideations, acquisition, to realization (operations). Let’s discuss in which part we can work it out, together!

Methods & Tools: Lean Six Sigma / Operational Excellence & Agile Project Management.

Business Communicator

Connecting businesses internationally may involve many factors in politics, regulations, cultures, languages, networks, etc. These may need sensibility in different dimensions. I would be happy to help you in your challenges as Communicator, Negotiator, Networker for your individual Business or Organization.

Education & Skills: Bachelor & Master in Petroleum Engineering, Postgraduate Diploma in Geothermal Technology. More than 15 years international working experience in various industries and organizations. Speaking fluent in Indonesian (native), English (C1/C2), and German (C1/C2), Spanish (A2/B1). Professional certifications in Lean Six Sigma & Digital Transformation Consultant. Continue developing the skills in the field of Operational Excellence. Currently attending the certification seminar in Business Improvement Management by Operational Excellence. The goal of this seminar is using digital technology solution and automation, proceeding all end-to-end business challenges of all connected information for strategic 360 degrees business improvements.

Business Coaching

Thanks God that we are all unique and so specials! Otherwise, the world will be so boring. As an individu or organization, we may face different challenges, from inside and outside perspectives.

The world changes extremely fast. How to keep up with all of these? What should we do? What do we good at? What do we need? Whom should we contact to? etc.

Enablement is the key! Just like our ecosystem works, from a very fine entity to the most giant structure. Finding the environment of your uniqueness, deliberating your skills and passion, may not be easy tasks for us. We may need to make some adjustments, continually. It would be my privilege if I could assist you in this metamorf challenges, as an individu or organization.

Method & Skills: my all ultimate long life learning educations, trainings, formal or informal, structured based on Lean Six Sigma / Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvements, i.e. Lean Principles.